Renault Mégane Coupe – Doorboards with 3-way soundsystem

Quadruple bass system
4x 165 mm (6,5″) JEHNERT »POWER WOOFER« per side

SKU: 75198 : €1095


Doorboards with 3-way-soundsystem

Renault Megane RS – the sportscar elite meets Jehnert doorboards!
The development of this sound conception for the powerful Renault Megane with 250 hp had to compete the sports mode of the Megane regarding sound and power!
The result: A doorboard-power package with a total of eight 165mm (6,5“”) JEHNERT Power Woofer.
Customised, extremely low-profiled doorboards are modifying the Megane doorlinings to an exlusive design element. The threepart grills are covered with hard-wearing acoustic cloth.
Doorboards do fit all Mégane III Coupé and 3-door-models.

car-specific soundsystem

A sound conception with an astonishing powerful bass, impressive sound dynamics and an extraordinary high stability under load. Four 165mm (6,5″“) JEHNERT Power Woofer and one angular 100mm (4″“) High-End midrange speaker are integrated above the bassline. A 26mm (1″“) Neodymium-Softdome tweeter is installed in the mirror triangle. The direct coupling of the midrange and the tweeter in the car door guarantees a homogeneous sound image.