Fabrication/ Productie


manual development and CNC-copied processing reaches an optimal exact fit for both sides

fitting accuracy from the model to GRP series production!

Every construction of a doorboard emerged from a real installation situation.

All form parts for the tooling are custom-made in our own model carpenter shop and

fitted exactly with highest craftsmanship perfection.

Careful workmanship is as much important as the processing and development of

CAD-datas in order to produce prototypes and models.

Doorboard production

In the GRP production offer compression and handlaminating a high level of quality and safety.

We have around 300 pairs of doorboards on stock, which can be prepared and

trimmed accoring to the customer’s requirements.

Manual finishing by hand

Precise hand craft: Accuracy of fit on the cutting edge of all form parts are checked always on the original door lining.

Then the surface are prepared for further processing in the saddlery.

To meet uncompromising demands of quality control are about 100 original door linings of different vehicle types are available.

Our in-house saddlery is specialised in individual request of our customers!

In our in-house saddlery the doorboards are covered with high quality materials in finest genuine leather or imitation leather.

Our great range of special colors and exclusive genuine leather processing satisfies individual customer demands.

Leather treatment in our inhouse saddlery

Custom colors are available too

Perfect quality, made in Germany

Car-customized crossover circuit

Acoustic frequency response customization – Sound field – car interior:
Generally, the given acoustic conditions in a vehicle are unfavorable;

moreover they are different in each type of car.

The extremely limited interior space, its form and the materials used lead to car-specific deflections for example

impairing the sound transmission and its reproduction. Even high quality loudspeakers are compromised in their

performance and sound quality if the interior acoustic environment is ignored.

It is entirely dependent on the crossover design to make use of the acoustic properties of the driver. .

Sound image:
Extensive measurement studies yield the decisive parameters for perfect sound.

This isn’t simply taking crossover frequencies from a manual, rather it is the sensitive precision work of developing

crossover networks, for which no standard calculation formulas exist.

The acoustic customization is performed in two steps:

The »electronic« adaptation:
After installing the loudspeakers in the car, the frequency response in the hearing position is evaluated via a test signal.

Hereby frequency response deficiencies are identified. Through a highly developed measuring technique the sound

emission angle of the loudspeakers, possible wiring schemes and component values are tested and determined.

The adaptation through »hearing tests«:
In the end the trained ear is the most sensitive judge of a harmonic sound tuning.

The acoustic finetuning of the theoretical calculations and the correction of the residual transmission errors is

therefore performed by hearing tests with various types of music.

Sound quality:
High-quality electronic components and a precisely defined network guarantee our customers excellent sound results

Many tests and positive assessments by the professional press have confirmed this.